Years ago I was instantly intrigued when I heard the term, spontaneous past life recall. Whether you believe in the concept of past lifetimes or not, all of us have experienced moments of instant appeal with total strangers.

My departed husband, Robert and I had an instant rapport despite the twenty-nine age difference. I knew in my heart we had shared lifetimes together. When I first told him that we had been together in other lives, he looked sceptical yet the twinkle in his eye spoke to his inner knowing.

This concept always made complete sense to me and perhaps is what led me to staying an amazing ten days at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery while on my study abroad program in Nepal in 1979. 

Certainly there would be a vast array and reasons which illicit a spontaneous past life recall. The important part of the experience is to understand what has happened to you. Also nothing happens without a purpose or a reason. Discovering this can be very magical of course and empowering. Perhaps it is leading you to an answer you have been seeking for a long time or it is pointing you to a new direction in your life.

Or maybe you have met someone and become triggered somehow in conversation thus allowing the subconscious to bring forth the past life recall. This was the case for me in the following excerpt from my book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels.


A couple of  days later as I drive to the grocery store with puppy, I hear the words, identical twin. Wow! What the heck am I hearing now? I sense that these words are applying to my new friend Ann.

The next morning while enjoying my sea-salt bath, my candle flame makes a distinctive popping sound. In that second, I see myself as a young girl in a long pinafore dress running with another girl dressed the same. I am telling her to hurry up, hurry up. I have heard of past life recall and I know this is what is now happening to me. The movie in my mind is very fearful; however, I stay with it. The two of us are running through brush and she falls. There is a fire raging behind us and we are doing our best to outrun it. Yet she cannot get up and calls to me to, “Go, just go, you must save yourself.”

The young girl who is my past-life self in my vision is sobbing as indeed she runs, leaving the other behind. There is a body of water ahead and she runs straight for it and stands looking back at her sister who is consumed by the brush fire and gone. Moments later she looks up to the sky and sees the energy of her sister floating above her and she reassures her it is okay. I am lying in my bathtub so the water is now comforting me in this present moment also.

I merge back into the present. Wow, what was that? Yet I know through all of my being that I just captured a past life shared with this woman Ann and that her name in that life was Meryl. This is why she had asked me if I had an identical twin. So this woman and I are twins for real. Holy jumping PEI cows!

This of course is why I kept calling her Meryl, her name from the past life. On a subconcious level, I had recognized my sister, attuning to her energy. We both shared an immediate conscious resonance, and also a spark of recognition was in the air when we met.

When I left her the other day we agreed to meet again. This information needs to be shared so I go to her home again. When the two of us are walking on the beach, it is the perfect place to share. I am once again near water so I feel safe. Tears roll as I share the tale and she looks me directly in the eye, “It is okay, it is okay. You did indeed have a spontaneous past-life recall, very cool.”

If I had been familiar with FasterEFT tapping during this experience, in that moment I could have released the trauma of that past-life horror of the fire and my guilt of leaving my twin sister behind.

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