Life can be a challenge to say the least but inspiring oneself is always fun. In my second book I am receiving telepathic messages from a dear departed friend on the other side. She always seemed to pop in for me when I needed an uplift. I can still hear her jolly tone in my ear as I write this blog now. Inspiration comes from many sources. Below is a short excerpt from my second book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels.

October 5

While enjoying my bath, I receive a message from Vivian. “Keep believing and writing. I love the book. Remember, I have seen the fast forward. Keep the faith. You inspire others and you must inspire yourself also.”

“Wow, that is cool wording. Inspire myself, thank you.”

“It all starts within you my friend, your divine spark you connect with so well. You are a glow-in-the-dark girl. I am cooking up a feast and I would zap you over, but that will have to wait, for you have much wonder that awaits you. Only good is coming of this. Remember your worth. You have a firm grasp of this now, your worthiness, so hang on to it. Such a love the two of you share can do anything.”

“Thanks for the encouragement, Vivian.”

“One in your unique shoes needs such. I am happy to help, but remember my message.”

I am excited to share that my second book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels, A Journal of Spiritual Synchronicity and Messages with the Other Side, is now available on

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