The call to write has been an integral part of my life journey since a teenager. The magic elixir of seeing my own creativity expressed in written word has always given me a high. After the death of my beloved husband Robert I stumbled through my horrific grief journey by raising five service dog puppies in training. In the process of talking to the countless people I encountered on my travels with my working puppy people kept telling me I ought to become an author.

After letting go of my inner doubt I sat down and began to write short stories and years later my first book was birthed. The thrill that resulted upon hearing from my readers gave me the impetus to keep writing. A second book manifested and a third is in the making.

A phrase I recall during an interview by my home town newspaper prior to my study abroad program in Kathmandu, Nepal, was “I would not want to lead a dull life.” Well, that certainly has proven true. My indomitable spirit and zest for adventure have led me to many places and experiences.

The long healing journey of putting myself back together after very traumatic life’s nuggets has gifted me a triumphant spirit with a fearlessness that knows no limitations or bounds. Empowering my higher self and heart to always be my compass continues to amaze me with where I am guided next.

We are all sparks of the divine with infinite potential and our lives ought to reflect this beautiful truth.

Inspiring myself and others to live our highest authentic lives possible is my mission.