Are You Receiving Visions From Your Pet?

Our dogs communicate with us through visions. Have you wondered how it is they know when you are coming home before you even arrive? They have seen the vision of your coming home that you sent out. Their happy tail wags and eager sniffs greet you at your front door as you pat their beautiful heads.

My former Guide Dogs for the Blind service dog puppy named Spirit gifted me many wondrous and beautiful visions to help prepare me for her coming death. Each time this happened I wrote the details and her messages which in time resulted in content for my second book. The following is a short excerpt from the book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels.

January 20, 2010

I am on the couch doing my daily quiet time and hear Archangel Michael whisper, “Close your eyes and be the blue sky.”

I am a great sky watcher so this is an easy vision. I go into the vast blue thinking of Archangel Michael and say, “I understand you can be everywhere and with everyone at once.”

“Yes, just like the blue sky.”

I continue my sky visions and think of Spirit alone in the den. Now I see that the blue sky has turned into her beautiful lab head with her brown eyes intently over me. She has always done this tender examination of me poking her big head right into my face. Now in this vision she is gifting me she turns herself into a young puppy. She runs playfully into the glorious sunlight teasing me with her tail whispering, “Follow me.” Now we are in a huge limitless meadow filled with yellow flowers. As far as my eye can see it is a sea of yellow and vast blue overhead.

“Do you have a specific reason you are showing me this?”

“This represents the sunshine glow of your heart which you are sharing and will share with the world.”

“It is incredible. It goes on forever, the field seems to have no ending.”

“That is right, just the same as you and I have no ending. We all go on forever. See look.”

She has pointed to the sky with her tail. I am looking at an enormous word of eternity composed all of yellow flowers against the blue sky, eternity.

“You see your sorrows can be shed for here we are in eternity.”

She has disappeared, “Where did you go now?”

She calls to me, “Come here and put yourself inside this flower.”

I smell the scent of daffodils fill my living room. She now leads me to a daffodil and is going inside with me. My ever wise Labrador and I are immersed inside a giant daffodil. How fun! I am surrounded with the glow of brilliant yellows and golds. “You know this is my favourite spring flower. I feel like a little girl exploring in here, It is so magical, thank you.”

“Feel the joy of the daffodil. Be this joy. Stay inside the flower and become this energy.”

I am touched and overwhelmed by this image as tears roll down my face. I continue to listen. “You now have another visionary tool to enhance your radiant glow into a peaceful heart. Combine it with Archangel Michael’s sky image and this shall induce bliss in you.”

Next I see her taking both Mystic and Treasure into the yellow vastness, into the scented world of daffodils blowing in a gentle breeze. The pups return to me. The three of us are now wearing daffodil smiles and I see the tail of Spirit disappear from view. I am now in contentment with my pack of three without the presence of my guide dog. It is only me with Mystic and Treasure.

She returns to my vision and shares, “You can send this vision to those in need. Your brother Roger could benefit from this.”

“What a lovely suggestion. This speaks so much of you.”I am excited to share that my second book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels, A Journal of Spiritual Synchronicity and Messages with the Other Side, is now available to pre-order on



Treasure Flies Away on the Wings of Butterflies

Treya Treasure was my fifth and last service dog puppy I raised and trained. The bond which results from training a working dog is very deep and by the time she was turned in to advanced training at Canine Companions for Independent Living, we were in complete sync with each other.

The toughest thing we all have to face as humans is the deaths of our loved ones and our pets. Due to the horrific experience of witnessing my husband’s journey with advanced lung cancer it became engrained in every pore of my being that quality of life is more important than quantity.

One day I saw Treya as an angel and instantly I pushed the vision away since I tied it to her death. She was ten years old and in my mind too young for such. She had been exhibiting symptoms which led to vet tests and the news of learning she had bladder cancer. Despite this disturbing news over the next few months I was blessed to experience a similar journey that my beloved Spirit dog had gifted me prior to her exit.

The following is a brief excerpt from my book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels.

February is the month of my birthday on the seventeenth and Robert’s is the twenty-second. I have known that. It must be my birthday. The cremation man is free the day after, so her body would not have to be put in his freezer awaiting time to cremate her body. Perfection. So February 17 it shall February was to be the month and as I contemplate when I know I cannot wait until the twenty-second be. I am so glad I took her to the lodge.

I make calls to tell people of my decision.

Treasure nestles close to me on the couch while I engage in a vision of her departure, sensing her joy and my peace. I watch a funny movie, which is a good release.

The next day she sleeps and sleeps. She is aware of her coming day and we are both relieved.

February 15

The snows show evidence everywhere of her numerous squats. I envision her being true to her wiggly bouncy self to her last day. No doubt she will be giving the vet a face washing. I smile, it will be perfect. We head to the grocery store. Sharon greets a man walking by, “Hello, Dave.” I bring home a butterfly balloon along with tulips and daffodils. I am pleased that Treasure’s day to depart will be my birthday. This somehow adds a touch of true divine magic.

She confirms my thoughts. “Your birth, Carol Ann, was a gift to the world and you are gifting me back into the light with the highest joyful gratitude you are humanly capable of. I understand the tough challenge this has been for you and can appreciate all of your sorrows. Yet you can give yourself a big pat on the back for the grace with which are you are dealing with this. I admire you greatly for your depth of compassion, integrity, and full diligence to my cause. We are forever entwined. Perhaps in the spring I can alight on you as a butterfly for real. Look for me in a butterfly and you will know.”

“Thank you, sweetest angel.”

I think of my Mystic puppy boy. He responds, “I will be lonely for her. Yet I shall be honoured to be the only dog walking by your side. It will be a privilege to do so; we will comfort each other.”

The phone rings. Our Arizona friend Linda is calling. She has been very upset about the coming death of Treasure. She learns about her release day to be on my birthday. “When I happened to turn on the TV there was an ad with a butterfly with wording, follow the wings. When I saw that, my sorrows turned to smiles.”

“Oh, my, how beautiful and perfect. Thank you for sharing. Treya Treasure is most pleased with your shift to joy.”

Margaret receives the news about her butterfly day. “Does she know and Mystic also?”

“Yes, both of them are prepared. We are all ready, Margaret.”

“Oh, it is so sad, but we know she will have Spirit with her and all of the gang. I will be thinking of all of you tomorrow.”

I am excited to share that my second book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels, A Journal of Spiritual Synchronicity and Messages with the Other Side, is now available to pre-order on


Have You Met Someone From a Past Life?

Years ago I was instantly intrigued when I heard the term, spontaneous past life recall. All of us have met total strangers who appealed to us for some unknown reason. Whether you believe in past lives or not this has happened to us.

When I met my departed husband Robert we had an instant rapport. The first time I told him that we had shared lives together in the past he looked sceptical and yet the twinkle in his eyes spoke of his inner knowing.

The concept has always appealed to me which I suppose led to my amazing ten day stay at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery during my study abroad program in Nepal in 1979. Past lives are an integral part of their belief system.

A vast array of scenarios could illicit a past life recall. An important aspect of the experience is to understand what is happening to you. Always there is a reason and purpose for everything in our lives. Perhaps it is meant to be answer to something you are searching for or to point you in a new direction.

The following excerpt from my book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels.


“A couple of days later as I drive to the grocery store with puppy, I hear the words, “Identical twin.” Wow! What the heck am I hearing now? I sense that these words apply to my new friend Ann.

The next morning while I am enjoying my sea-salt bath, my candle flame makes a distinctive popping sound. In that second, I see myself as a young girl in a long, pinafore dress running with another girl dressed the same. I am telling her to hurry up, hurry up. There is a fire raging behind us and we are doing our best to outrun it. I have heard of past-life recall and I know this is what is now happening to me. The movie in my mind is very fearful; however, I stay with it. The two of us are running through brush and she falls. She cannot get up and calls to me, “Go, just go. You must save yourself.”

The young girl who is my past-life self in my vision is sobbing as indeed she runs, leaving the other behind. There is a body of water ahead and she runs straight for it and stands looking back at her sister who is consumed by the brush fire and disappears. Moments later, my past-life self looks up to the sky and sees the energy of her sister floating above her, reassuring her it is okay. I am lying in my bathtub so the water is comforting me in this present moment also.

I merge back into the present. Wow, what was that? Yet I know through all of my being that I just captured a past life shared with this woman Ann and that her name in that life was Meryl. The timeframe is not accurate but it seems to be over a hundred years ago. This is why she had asked me if I had an identical twin. So this woman and I are identical twins for real. Holy jumping PEI cows!

This of course is why I kept calling her Meryl, her name from the past life. On a subconscious level, I had recognized my sister, attuning to her energy. We both shared an immediate conscious resonance, and also a spark of recognition was in the air when we met.

When I left Ann the other day, we agreed to meet again. This information needs to be shared so I go to her home again. When the two of us are walking on the beach, it is the perfect place to share. I am once again near water, so I feel safe. The past-life recall involved a fire which killed her, so being by the water comforts me now. Tears roll as I share the tale and she looks me directly in the eye, “It is okay; it is okay. You did indeed have a spontaneous past-life recall. Very cool.”

If I had been familiar with tapping during this experience, in that moment I could have released the trauma of that past-life horror of the fire and my guilt of leaving my twin sister behind.”

I am excited to share that my second book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels, A Journal of Spiritual Synchronicity and Messages with the Other Side, is now available to pre-order on

Are You Inspiring Yourself?

Life can be a challenge to say the least but inspiring oneself is always fun. In my second book I am receiving telepathic messages from a dear departed friend on the other side. She always seemed to pop in for me when I needed an uplift. I can still hear her jolly tone in my ear as I write this blog now. Inspiration comes from many sources. Below is a short excerpt from my second book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels.

October 5

While enjoying my bath, I receive a message from Vivian. “Keep believing and writing. I love the book. Remember, I have seen the fast forward. Keep the faith. You inspire others and you must inspire yourself also.”

“Wow, that is cool wording. Inspire myself, thank you.”

“It all starts within you my friend, your divine spark you connect with so well. You are a glow-in-the-dark girl. I am cooking up a feast and I would zap you over, but that will have to wait, for you have much wonder that awaits you. Only good is coming of this. Remember your worth. You have a firm grasp of this now, your worthiness, so hang on to it. Such a love the two of you share can do anything.”

“Thanks for the encouragement, Vivian.”

“One in your unique shoes needs such. I am happy to help, but remember my message.”

I am excited to share that my second book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels, A Journal of Spiritual Synchronicity and Messages with the Other Side, is now available on